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Cochlear Implants
Candidacy & Products

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Referral Criteria & Candidacy

Could my patient benefit from this solution?

Cochlear implants (CIs) are an effective treatment option for patients with moderate to profound hearing loss. Yet, most patients who could benefit from a CI do not seek treatment. If treatment is not recommended by an audiologist or other provider, patients may be unaware of their candidacy and options for treatment. Learn more about when it’s appropriate to recommend a CI evaluation for your patient.

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Candidacy & Products Candidacy & Products
Technology & Treatment Options

Selecting the right hearing technology is key for patient success.

Today’s hearing technology and innovations offer new opportunities for patients affected by hearing loss. Cochlear implants are an increasingly common option for patients who seek improvement beyond what can be achieved through hearing aids alone. Discover what options could be available for your patients and the technologies and products that could support them.

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Candidacy & Products Candidacy & Products
Patient Journey

How does it work for patients and practices?

Not knowing what to expect can be one of the biggest obstacles for patients considering cochlear implantation. Learn what patients can expect along their cochlear implant journey from candidacy, to implantation, to life with a CI.

Explore the Patient Journey

Learn more about how you can support your patients along the continuum of hearing care.

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