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Sycle Integration

Sycle Integration
Sycle Integration

Identify Potential Candidates

Patients are identified as potential cochlear implant candidates based on hearing test data that is entered or synced from NOAH on the Appointment outcome page. Patient candidacy is displayed on the cochlear implant candidacy screen in the patient summary or after saving an appointment outcome form.

Sycle Integration

Provider Confirmation

The candidacy screen asks providers to confirm, based on their experience and expertise, if the patient could potentially benefit. There are three possible answers to this first treatment question:

  • NO: Selecting “No” confirms that the patient is not a potential candidate and the appointment can now be completed
  • YES: Selecting “Yes” confirms that the patient could potentially benefit from a cochlear implant and additional candidacy options are now displayed that support signing patients up to the Continuum of Care program
  • THIS PATIENT ALREADY HAS A COCHLEAR IMPLANT: Selecting “This patient already has a cochlear implant” identifies that the patient has an existing implant and displays the patient’s CI treatment panel that allows for the capture of a patient’s cochlear implant history
Sycle Integration

Connect Your Patient

Patients who could potentially benefit from cochlear implants have the option to enroll to learn more about treatment options. This option displays only when candidacy is confirmed via the initial question in the candidacy screen.

Sycle Integration

What Can My Patient Expect Next?

After signing up, your patient can expect the following things:

  • Introductions to current implant recipients to discuss their first-hand experience
  • Educational content describing the treatment process and implant technology
  • Assistance with finding an implant surgeon for further evaluation
  • Invitations to local seminars or community support
Doctor talking to patient

Refer For Evaluation

The patient referral form is a printable document professionals may print out that describes the patients hearing loss, and a recommendation to see a cochlear implant specialist.

To create a referral form, the following steps need to be completed:

  • Select a Hearing Test from the patient chart
  • Update the outcome notes with any additional details
  • Select an existing CI provider, or search for a new provider in your area
  • Print Referral form (PDF)
Sycle Integration

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