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Cochlear Implant Patient Referral Criteria

When to consider
Cochlear Implants

for your patients

Benefits to your practice



Ensure patients who no longer benefit from hearing aids get the treatment they need.



Differentiate your practice in an ever-changing, competitive market.



Expand your service offering by implementing a profitable medical model.

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Home ear checkup
The Patient Journey

From evaluation to activation.

Do you have a patient that might benefit from a bimodal solution? You can counsel them on what to expect for next steps. Learn about what a patient may experience along their CI journey – from candidacy to programming.

Explore the Patient Journey
The Cochlear Provider Network

Expand services & support patients along the entire continuum of care.

Hundreds of hearing healthcare professionals have already taken the steps to provide their patients with every option when it comes to hearing loss treatment. Explore the requirements, benefits, and support you can expect from joining the Cochlear Provider Network.

Learn more

Learn more about how you can support your patients along the continuum of hearing care.

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