The Link Between Hearing Loss & Other Conditions

Over the last couple of months, we shared with you consumers’ understanding of hearing loss and what can be considered normal hearing. And, as hearing care professionals, the goal of educating your patients on the risks of leaving hearing loss untreated is paramount.

Did you know:

Hearing loss can be linked to quite a few other conditions that can pull those impacted further away from their best life.

  • Increased risk for depression
  • Reduced income/job opportunity
  • Increased risk of falling
  • Increased risk for Type 2 diabetes
  • Increased risk for dementia

The Hearing Health Collaborative is working to establish a standard of care for hearing health in the US. To start, they must uncover why so many deprioritize their hearing health and the common misconceptions of treating hearing loss. 

Download the final installment to a recent survey of 1,250 adults, between the ages of 50 and 80, showing their personal understanding of hearing loss. As we take a look at the results, we see that it’s more critical than ever to help patients understand the importance of not waiting to treat their hearing loss and to be proactive with their hearing health.

We hope you find the information useful for yourself and your patients.

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

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