60-60 Guideline Counseling Resource Helps Answer Patient Questions. Free digital and printed guide.

You may have seen the published study outlining when to refer a patient for a cochlear implant evaluation and followed the 60-60 guidelines. What happens next?

When you recommend a patient be seen for a cochlear implant evaluation, there are often questions that quickly follow. To help assist you, we gathered a few of the top questions and answers that can help inform your patient of their possible journey.

  • How are hearing implants different from hearing aids?
  • How can cochlear implants improve my hearing?
  • Is this covered by insurance?
  • What can I expect next?
  • How do I find a hearing implant specialist for an evaluation?

Download this 60-60 Counseling Resource Guide for your office to help remind you of the 60-60 criteria and answer patient questions about a cochlear implant evaluation.

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