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For Members with Severe to Profound Hearing Loss

Sycle Makes Referrals Easy for an Implantable Solution Evaluation


Do you have a member struggling to hear with powerful hearing aids? Is their word recognition score 40% or less or their PTA is 70 dB or more in either ear? If so, they may benefit from an implantable solution.

The Sycle solution helps you meet the special needs of severe to profound hearing loss through:
  • An alert that the patient is a candidate based on audiometric requirements
  • A simple process to refer a patient to a concierge for more information

Identifying Candidates

Sycle uses audiometric requirements to indicate patients who are implant candidates, including:

  • Pure Tone Average (PTA) of 70dB or greater
  • Word recognition of 40% or less
  • Loss level of severe, severe to profound, or unaidable

You can start a referral right within Sycle to the Concierge by following these four simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Did you start a Cochlear referral within the Sycle software by clicking the green “Connect to Conceirge” button?
  • Step 2 – If not, be sure to go back to your Sycle software and start the referral process for your patient. Click the green “Connect to Concierge within the software and enter your patient’s information.
  • Step 3 – By starting a Cochlear™️ referral within the software, you will generate a notification to Cochlear’s dedicated concierge team to contact your patient. The concierge team at Cochlear is a team of implantable solution experts dedicated to providing education and support to patients.
  • Step 4 – The concierge will then contact your patient via email or phone to answer any questions they may have and help find a provider who will perform an implantable hearing solution evaluation. Inform your patients to be on the lookout for communications from Cochlear and to respond so they can receive more information.

Watch the training video below to learn how to use the referral feature within the Sycle software.

Resources for Professionals:

Hearing Options Desk Mat

This insightful map helps members understand why they need to look at options beyond hearing aids. It shows how additional technology better meets their needs as hearing loss progresses. It also includes a helpful Frequently asked Questions on the back.

Hearing Loss progresses

Resources for the members:

Hearing journey

Concierge Tear Pad

The flyer below is a great resource to send home with your members. This resource has the Cochlear Concierge’s information on it along with next steps.

Guide to your health

Guide to Your Hearing Health

The Guide to Your Hearing Health is also a great resource to provide your members as an overview of hearing health and solutions.

Learn more about how you can support your patients along the continuum of hearing care.

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